Can you drink beer while taking oxycodone

11. prosince 2011 v 2:10

can someone answer plz i just got the Can you drink beer while taking oxycodoneshot today and want to drink!!
Complete material touching can you drink alcohol while taking valtrex. You may find some knowledge in connection with valtrex too .
Answer . Drinking alcohol with metronidazole (24 hours before through 48 hours after the course of therapy) is strongly discouraged as it can cause severe nausea and .
I look it up and it is a pretty powerful drug. You should never drink alcohol when taking any type of pain medications. it may cause a severe reaction or Can you drink beer while taking oxycodone enhancement .
Shirley: After taking duromine 15 g for 2 an half months can i start taking it again after 2 weeks
8 hour tylenol and beer. I have a 79% in math. if i want to come out of the class with an 85%, and the final is worth 25% of the grade, what grade do i?
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Can you drink a monster energy drink safely while taking oxycodone for pain? ChaCha Answer: Drinking energy drinks are not listed on .
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Oxycodone depresses your central nervous system and alcohol is also a CNS depressant. Taking both in small doses might be okay for the majority.
can you blow dirty into a breathalizer by drinking night quil like .047

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