How do you shoot a valium

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Can you shoot up Valium? ChaCha Answer: No, you cannot shoot valium. Valium is not water soluble so you need other things in order to.
If yr Dr said U could, he should have told you HOW! Call him and get the info. If, however, you just want to inject it recreationally, I'll give U the info .
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Here we never use it. We use a lot of klonopin and Ativan, but never valium. We still have it though, but I don't know why we don't use it. I read
How to Shoot Up Drugs - We don't condone shooting up drugs. It's also illegal to do How do you shoot a valium any kind of narcotics, as well as have it on you. So, I woul
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How do you shoot a valium

with saline and attempt to shoot it. It is illegal and very dangerous. Xanax is acidic How do you shoot a valium and it would be like gi. view more.
bezodiazepines and xanax and valium . order valium "Can you target that" a child taking valium canada drugs online cheap valium misnameed, alcohol valium danger .
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